Amnesia Rockfest

Hi there!

We’re the Amnesia Rockfest, the largest rock festival in Canada!

We’ll be celebrating our 11th Edition on June 23-26, 2016, with an insane lineup once again.  But Rockfest is way more than simply bands!  It’s a small town that gets completely taken over and becomes a giant party for one weekend.  It’s a magical vibe where anything goes, the best weekend of your life every year!

We do our best to keep ticket prices affordable and much cheaper than most music festivals. Rockfest was created in 2005 by a 17 year old kid from Montebello who was passionate about music.   We’re music fans, just like you!

Located in beautiful Montebello, Quebec, bordering the Outaouais River, the festival is less than an hour away from Ottawa and a just over an hour away from Montreal. Montebello is a small countryside village with a population of just 900 residents (and 1,000 cows).  If you don’t have a car, a variety of travelling options are available.

To live the full experience, we recommend one of our on-site campgrounds. Hotels and motels are also available, but are usually sold out a year in advance.

Get ready for a weekend your mom won’t want to know about!  Yessir Miller!

-Alex Martel and the Rockfest team


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