In order to help out those of you who are financially strapped, we are offering a payment plan in 5 payments for your order. A $10.00 payment plan fee ($2.00 per payment) will be charged for this option. This option is available in limited quantity.

  • Payment 1
    20% of total amount (+ full service charge and shipping fees) - Date of purchase
  • Payment 2
    20% of total amount - Friday March 3, 2017
  • Payment 3
    20% of total amount - Friday April 7, 2017
  • Payment 4
    20% of total amount - Friday May 5, 2017
  • Payment 5
    20% of total amount - Friday June 2, 2017
If you order after the dates above, the first payment will be adjusted accordingly. Example: if you purchase after March 3rd, the first payment will be 40%, then the 3 following payments will be charged on the dates above.

Your first payment will serve to secure your ticket(s). All subsequent payments will be automatically charged to the credit card used for the initial purchase.

Your order will only be shipped on June 2nd once we receive the final payment.

IMPORTANT: If, for any reason, any of your payments are declined, in whole or in part, then all of the following will apply: (i) your order and your tickets will be cancelled (ii) any payment received as of that date will be kept by Amnesia Rockfest as partial offset for your default, (iii) you will still owe the balance of the full amount due for each ticket and you authorize Amnesia Rockfest and to charge your credit card for any balance due, (iv) Amnesia Rockfest and will be entitled to pursue all of their legal and equitable remedies to recover the full payment from you, and (v) you agree to pay all costs of collection incurred by Amnesia Rockfest or, including legal fees, that they may incur in collecting the balance of each ticket price. Payment plan tickets are subject to all of the other terms of the ticketing agreement.


For only $10.00 extra on your order, you can have a chance to win an upgrade for your entire order to Ultimate VIP! A winner will be randomly selected among everyone who adds this option to their order. The winner will be announced on June 20th!


Following the release of our video log in which Alex Martel tried to tattoo a Rockfest logo and a Yessir Miller tattoo to two tattoo artists, many of you have been asking to get one as well. It is now possible to add to your order the option of getting a Rockfest logo tattooed by the Founder himself, either in Montreal, Quebec City or Gatineau-Ottawa!

Important notes